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Yarmouk in despair

Yarmouk“It is unprecedented in living memory for a UN-assisted population to be subject to abject desperation in this way and the sheer humanitarian facts cry out for a response.”

United Nations Relief and Works Agency spokesman Chris Gunness, speaking about the current situation in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, where thousands are besieged by Syrian regime forces, on the brink of mass death from starvation.



What Palestinian refugees are going through in Syria is a plain example of Iranian regime’s hypocrisy and lack of morals. While using the Palestinian conflict as an excuse to support Hezbollah in Lebanon and deploy Sepah Pasdaran fighters, or as claimed ‘advisors’, Qods to the region, actual Palestinians are falling victim to the Islamic Republic’s political interests in Syria. In fact the very same forces that were supposedly established to defend Palestinians are helping the Assad regime shell and starve them. History can not forget this endless crowd of starving people, refugees who sought shelter but have instead been served explosive barrels and starved to death.

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