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The unholy Sepah Qods commander and the big lie

Soleimani_posingSepah Qods’s chief commander Qasem Soleimani poses for a photo next to the father of a Sepah Psdaran member who was killed in Syria last year. Mohammad Hassan Khalili was sent to Syria as a member of a group called ‘Defenders of Holy Shrines’ and died in November 2013. The Iranian regime has been propagating a narrative that claims Iranian military personnel and Hezbollah militias are going to Syria to fight ‘takfiris’ and defend Shia holy shrines.


Defending the Shrine of Sayyida Zeinab in Damascus is only an excuse for the Islamic Republic’s officials to consolidate their dominance in the region. There were no Shia shrines in Qusayr or Yabroud, which saw the heaviest involvement by Hezbollah Lebanon and Sepah Pasdaran in Syria last year and this year respectively. Look at the number of mosques destroyed by the Syrian regime they support and the number of Muslims, both Syrian and Palestinian, who have lost their lives and homes. Is there anyone who still believes their blood is shed for religious beliefs?

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