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Obama: Syria is bleeding Iran

barack-obama-387Even Obama has got it:
“I’m always darkly amused by this notion that somehow Iran has won in Syria. I mean, you hear sometimes people saying, “They’re winning in Syria.” And you say, “This was their one friend in the Arab world, a member of the Arab League, and it is now in rubble.” It’s bleeding them because they’re having to send in billions of dollars. Their key proxy, Hezbollah, which had a very comfortable and powerful perch in Lebanon, now finds itself attacked by Sunni extremists. This isn’t good for Iran. They’re losing as much as anybody.” – US president Barack Obama, during a recent interview with Bloomberg


Read also this important article in The Nation entitled ‘Is Washington Purposely Bleeding Syria?’



When will Ayatollah Khamenei and Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Qods division in Sepah Pasdaran which controls Hezbollah, get it too? Time for Iranians to wake up to the reality that Syria has become Iran’s Vietnam.



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