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New Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Yemeni banks notes

To visualize the Iranian occupation of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, as well as the Iranian regime’s funding of terrorist activities and groups in theses countries, Naame Shaam has produced a photomontage of a Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Yemeni bank notes carrying the counterfeit of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the head of Sepah Qods (Qods Force). This unit is the foreign arm of Sepah Pasdaran (the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.)

See Naame Shaam’s new report ‘Fianancing Terror‘ | press release.

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Qassem_Soleimani_1000_Syrian Pounds_ENGLISH_April2015_LowRes_final





2_ Lebanese Pound 20000_French






3_Iraqi Dinar 25000_English





4_Yemeni_rial 1000_English





QS_4 banknotes_EnglishFrench_2015_LowResolution_Final



(low resolution)






QS_4 banknotes_EnglishFrench_2015_HighResolution_Final



(high resolution)

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