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Petition demanding international investigation and trial of perpetrators of Ghouta chemical massacre, including Sepah Pasdaran

GhoutaNaame Shaam has co-signed this petition, which appeals to the International Criminal Court  prosecutor Fatou Bensoud to conduct investigations into the 2013 chemical gas attack in al-Ghouta, Syria, and refer those responsible to the International Criminal Court, “starting from the head of the [Syrian] regime and ending with each of the contributors who assisted in giving orders to attack Syrian civilians, by weapons deemed internationally banned.” This should include, according to the petition, “investigat[ing] the role of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah in this crime and bring[ing] them to justice as well.”

We call upon all our friends and supporters to sign the petition and share it widely.

The petition, which is in both Arabic and English, is available at:

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