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New global campaign to end indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Syria

WithSyriaA global coalition of over 130 human rights organisations and NGOs have launched a campaign to pressure world leaders to “act now to end bombing of Syrian civilians.”

In February 2014, the UN Security Council demanded that indiscriminate attacks in Syria are stopped and promised to take further steps if these attacks continued.

As such attacks continue and no further step have been taken yet, the coalition, known as #WithSyria, today launched a petition asking people to “use your power to hold the UN Security Council to its word.”

Along with the petition, the campaign has released a 95-second video by award-winning filmmaker Martin Stirling. A massacre scene caused by a rocket is reversed back to normality, where some children are playing football in a residential area.

The video ends with the message: “We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria, but we can change how the story ends.”

To watch the video and sign the petition in different languages, go to:

In June this year, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria told the UN’s Human Rights Council that “The most dangerous places in Syria for civilians are the markets, hospitals and schools that continue to operate in desperate conditions and amid constant threat of attack.”

#WithSyria is a coalition of over 130 organisations around the world standing in solidarity with civilians caught up in the war in Syria.

For a list of their names, see:


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