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How long can Hezbollah stay in Syria?

The managing editor of NOW, Hanin Ghaddar, published an interesting article on 27 January 2014 under the title “Why Hezbollah will have to leave Syria”. She wrote:

“Hezbollah and its leadership in Iran did not expect their battle in Syria to last this long: they probably thought they’d go in, wipe out the rebels in a matter of days or weeks at most, and then return without anyone knowing. This was obviously a fatal miscalculation. Not only could they not wipe out the opposition and maintain Assad’s unified rule, but now many in Lebanon and the region consider them the number-one culprit in the ongoing war in Syria. The sectarian tension has never been this dangerous and the Shia community is starting to wonder whether it’s all worth it. On the political level, Iran has realized that its regional role has not been empowered by the intervention.”

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