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‘A manual on how to destroy cities and annihilate people’

Drayya_bombsWhile the Geneva II talks were in progress, and Iranian officials were giving confusing messages about the outcome of the talks and about organising ‘democratic elections’ in Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s forces launched some of their most horrific attacks on civilian areas across Syria, particularly in Aleppo and Darayya, near Damascus. Numerous barrel bombs, with unknown varieties of explosives, were dropped on residential neighbourhoods and did not spare mosques, churches and historical landmarks.

A Syrian blogger has collected some images of the destruction and death in Aleppo and Darayya, in what she described as “a manual on how to destroy your cities and annihilate your people.”

“The resulting destruction of stone and man,” she wrote, “is so horrendous and monstrous as to defy the imagination.”

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